The king's red trousers

I've managed to get the techie guy up at dawn to rig the screen and make sure the projector works. Now just waiting for the musicians and the VJs. And having coffee. And, just heard that one of the musicians is bringing half his recording studio and I wonder how it'll all fit on this tiny stage. Maybe not that tiny, but we're supposed to have a band here as well. Got another DVD from one of the contributors with tons of clips but i'm not too sure the VJ guys are too interested in bringing in new material at this stage. Just have to ask them. If they show up that is. I'm not bitter, just tired. And a bit worried that everything will be a huge failure.

And apparently, the king has red trousers. Or at least HAD red trousers when he was in Helsinki. That's why we need a red synth. I don't get it.

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