Thank you all!

The minute I posted the text below something went wrong. The main camera stopped working and some of us panicked (me and Christopher) and some stayed calm (Andreas and Erik). I can't understand how some people have the ability to stay on top of things in times of chaos, like yesterday when all went black an hour before the audience arrived, but I'm glad that some people do and I'm grateful for it! Thanks Andreas!

Success? Failure? To be honest I don't know. I was too busy mixing the incoming signals that I couldn't pay attention to what was really going on, but occasionally I found myself smiling, thinking that "this is the result we were hoping for!", and that made it all worth it.

So how will we go on from here? First of all, there's gonna be a DVD with the movie and some remixes, and a short presentation movie of the project. Then... any suggestions? Should we continue using the community? Continue uploading movies from our beloved city?

Finally, we'd like to say thank you from us at K3 and Doc Lounge to musicians Erik Mikael Karlsson & Fredrik Norrgren and VJs Erik Sandelin & Andreas Kurtsson. This could never have happened without you!

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